Unique Engagement Rings

Browse our unique engagement rings and create a one of a kind custom diamond ring. You can design your own engagement ring at one of our showrooms, in Atlanta, New York, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, and Dallas, TX. Contact Ascot Diamonds Today.

3 carat Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN4772 - JB8727

This is her dream diamond engagement ring, featuring a 3 carat elongated cushion cut diamond, set in a delicate yellow gold solitaire style ring. Schedule a consultation with Ascot Diamonds Atlanta to learn more.

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3 carat Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Style: UN4768 - JB9623

A unique custom hidden halo style engagement ring, featuring a beautiful 3 carat radiant cut lab grown diamond with a GIA certification. Handcrafted for Her from the elegant Fiorentino collection by Catherine Ryder.

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6 carat Oval Cut Pave Engagement Ring

Style: UN4757 - JA3789

A magnificent 6 carat oval cut diamond pave style diamond engagement ring, adorned with a delicate hidden halo custom made for her. Ascot Diamonds in Atlanta is proud to build your own diamond ring, using responsibly sourced materials and expertly crafted to last for generations.

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Radiant vs Oval Cut Diamond Rings

Style: UN4733 - X2995

View and compare the finest radiant vs oval cut diamonds Atlanta has to offer. Design your own custom unique diamond engagement ring from the Ascot Diamonds collection. 

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Old European Diamond Ring

Style: UN4723 - LGD1799

Simply elegant and charming. A unique 2.5 carat old european cut lab grown diamond set in this 18K yellow gold solitaire engagement ring. From the exclusive Ascot Diamonds collection.

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Cushion Cut with Tapered Baguette Diamonds

Style: UN4713 - JB8339

A rare, elongated cushion cut lab grown diamond with two fine tapered baguette diamonds set on a platinum engagement ring. From the Ascot Diamonds Atlanta collection.

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Classic Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Style: UN4710 - JA4890-2

A gorgeous lab grown cushion brilliant cut diamond set on a custom cathedral style bead-set engagement ring. From the Modena collection by Ascot Diamonds.

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Whisper Thin Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Style: UN4702 - JB6923-X3126-Y

A delicate, whisper thin oval cut diamond engagement ring and petite distance diamond bands. The perfect styles for a dainty look. Custom design by Ascot Diamonds in Atlanta. 

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Oval Engagement Rings

Style: UN4588 - X2794

Stunning oval halo diamond engagement rings. Showcasing a petite diamond halo and band, expertly custom crafted for you. From the exquisite Ascot Diamonds collection.

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4 carat Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN4501 - JB3837

This stunning halo engagement ring features a 4 ct. radiant cut  lab grown diamond delicately set in a custom Ascot ring style. A one of a kind ring that can be made with your own preferences.

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Custom Diamond Rings in Yellow Gold

Style: UN4521 - JB2899-X3126-Y

The perfect custom diamond rings designed in 18k yellow gold with a delicate band for the perfect Love.

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5 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN4496 - X3058

A gorgeous 5 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring, with a square shape and softly rounded corners. Ask an Ascot Diamond Expert about personalizing your own diamond ring.

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Engagement Ring and Custom Eternity Band

Style: UN4509 - JB4872 - X2739

A beautiful thin diamond band solitaire engagement ring featuring a 3 carat round cut diamond, next to a custom eternity wedding band designed by Ascot Diamonds Atlanta.

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3 ct. Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN4491 - X3023

3 ct. Radiant Cut Diamond Ring. Radiate with love with this custom diamond engagement ring. Contact Ascot Diamonds Atlanta to design your own ring.

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Custom Pear and Round Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN4474 - JB4680

This stunning custom engagement ring features both a striking yellow pear shape diamond and a brilliant round diamond both beautifully adorned with a delicate halo. Impeccable unique designs from Ascot Diamonds Since 1978.

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Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

Style: UN4448 - X2794-PS

Design your own pear shape diamond engagement ring – Created to a Higher Standard. It is our pleasure at Ascot Diamonds to have the master jewelers and designers to help make your custom design a reality.

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Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Style: UN3881 - JB2326

A magnificent custom diamond engagement ring. Featuring a stunning 2.5 carat Radiant Cut Diamond. Handcrafted to perfection with a delicate halo and diamond band in 18k white gold. By Ascot Diamonds.

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Double Halo Engagement Ring

Style: UN4442 - JB3967

A distinctive Double Halo Engagement Ring, loaded with Brilliance. Handcrafted in 18k white gold by Ascot Diamonds. Custom create your engagement ring.

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Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Style: UN38961

A unique engagement ring custom designed for a one of a kind love. Features a brilliant round cut diamond adorned with a delicate halo style and side stones, handmade in 18k white gold, by Ascot Diamonds.

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Custom Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN4364 - JB3769

With exceptional human skill, creativity and only the finest cut diamonds, this radiant cut engagement ring will be cherished for generations. Custom design your own ring with Ascot Diamonds

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Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Style: UN4355 - JB3710_D6074

A regal diamond ring design. This vintage inspired diamond engagement ring features an emerald cut diamond. Set in delicate diamond halo and wedding band for a brilliant, elegant look.

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2 ct Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Style: UN3876 - JB1619

Oval Cut Diamond... Perfection! ❤️ A solitaire ring handcrafted specially for Her. Featuring a magnificent 2 carat oval cut diamond, with a thin delicate diamond band and a hidden halo. A timeless custom design that compliments her radiant beauty. By Ascot Diamonds.

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3 carat Oval Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN4343 - JB3156

A timeless design combined with stunning beauty. Featuring a 3 ct. oval cut diamond set on a custom engagement ring design. Handcrafted by Ascot Diamonds.

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Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN3882 - X2794

A gorgeous pear shape diamond with a teardrop diamond halo.... for a strong and romantic love. By Ascot Diamonds

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Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN4332 - JB2899

This elegant engagement ring features a gorgeous hidden halo of diamonds that wraps around a magnificent oval cut diamond center.

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Custom Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Style: UN3874 - X2875-EM

Inspired by this stunning ✨ Emerald Cut Diamond ... We created a custom halo engagement ring. This diamond ring is sure to create a statement 💕

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Dream Engagement Ring

Style: UN2798 - UN1003 - X2794

Eternal beauty. This romantic french-set diamond engagement ring features a round cut diamond. Adorned with a delicate cushion style diamond halo. Glowing in 18k white gold for a timeless design. It is a Dream engagement ring perfection, by Ascot Diamonds

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15 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN3875 - 15CT

A rare and distinctive 15 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring loaded with magic. 👑✨ For a unique love.

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Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN3055 - 36296

An ‘Extremely Rare’ Strawberry color natural diamond set in an Ascot custom design platinum and 18k rose gold mounting with 40 collection color white diamonds.

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4.40 carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN25751

Magnificent 4.40 carat antique cushion cut diamond set in an exquisite contrasting modern design engagement ring. This stunning design successfully merges vintage with contemporary and demonstrates Ascot’s total commitment to impeccable craftsmanship.

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6 carat European Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN4485 - J9631-1_D1894B

This one of a kind 6 carat old european cut cushion cut diamond engagement ring features ultimate sparkle. Showcasing a magnificent natural diamond in a gorgeous platinum setting. An incredible design for a one of a kind love. From the Art-deco collection.

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Art-Deco 5.00 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN1978 - UN1017

Strikingly beautiful Emerald Cut ring exquisite in its simplicity and balance.

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Gorgeous Pear Shaped Halo Split Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Style: UN19721

Elegant Pear Shape diamond enhanced by contemporary design and magnificent craftsmanship.

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The Perfect Asscher Cut Diamond

Style: UN19101

With dazzling layered faceting, this 5.50 carat Asscher Cut appears to step into infinity. The creative selection of side stones complete this gorgeous vintage design.

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Petite Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN18971

Scintillating brilliance of a round diamond expertly set in a cushion frame produces this truly magnificent design.

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Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN18961

A rare and distinctive 6.53 carat antique cushion cut diamond ring loaded with charm.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Style: UN18951

Exquisitely layered 5.57 Emerald Cut diamond expertly set in a delicate halo of round brilliant diamonds. A modern classic.

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24 ct. Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN18931

Exceptionally rare 24.00 carat Flawless Canary Yellow diamond ring created in platinum. A perfect symbol of love, light and devotion.

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Unique White, Yellow and Black Diamond Band

Style: UN18901

Spectacular craftsmanship and design created in 18K yellow, white and rose gold.

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Red Carpet Pear Shape Drop Earrings

Style: UN18821

Stunning 12.20 carat Pear Shape diamond earrings meticulously crafted in platinum and featured at the 2016 CMA awards.

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Round and Oval Cut Diamond Drop Earrings

Style: UN18801

Exquisite timeless design 10.40 carat custom diamond drop earrings.

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Rose Gold Three carat Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN18791

Perfectly crafted 18K rose gold and diamond halo enhances this magnificent 3.00 carat Pear Shape diamond.

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Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Band

Style: UN18741

Rose gold adds charm to this delicate engagement ring design. The petite diamond wedding band adds an eclectic touch.

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Micropave Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN17751

A classic 3.50 carat pear shaped diamond set in an exotic platinum mounting showcasing remarkable Ascot craftsmanship and intricate design.

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6 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Style: UN17731

Elegantly simple split shank diamond engagement ring successfully highlights the 6.15 carat cushion cut featured stone. Statement made.

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3.38 carat Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Style: UN17701

Dramatically perched in a brilliant diamond frame with crisp trapezoids, this 3 carat Asscher cut diamond gleams. You can design your own engagement ring at one of our showrooms, in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC., Dallas and Charlotte. Contact Ascot Diamonds Today.

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Oval Halo Split Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Style: UN17681

Feminine and elegant with a gentle sweeping split this beautifully balanced design enhances the brilliance and size of the perfectly cut 2.30 carat oval cut diamond.

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