Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamonds are square diamonds featuring sharp angles and fiery brilliance. The Princess Cut Diamond shape was created in the 1980’s and as a modern cut has enjoyed status as the second most popular shape diamond after rounds for the last 40 years.      princess cut diamond ring

Princess cuts are slightly less costly than equivalent Round diamonds because square diamonds yield +- 75% from an original rough stone whereas rounds yield +-45%.

As with all diamonds, cutters tend to leave unnecessary weight on Princess cuts in the girdle, crown and pavilion in order to maximize weight. Be sure your Princess cut diamond has the correct, ‘face size’ relative to weight.

The ideal length to width ratio for a Princess cut should be close to square with a ratio no greater than 1.05 : 1.00.

Depth and table percentages for Princess cuts should fall between 70 and 75% and buyers should take particular note that the culet on Princess cuts is centered perfectly to ensure even brilliance all the way to the edges and avoid ‘windows’ that distract from the beauty and value of the stone.

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