Compare GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA certified diamonds with the same or similar grades are rarely equal in value.

Example 1:

Comparison of similar Cushion cut GIA Certificates by Ascot Diamonds New York, D.C., Dallas and Atlanta

Based on the GIA grades, the 1.71 F/VS2 diamond on the left should be more valuable than the 1.70 G/SI1 on the right.

Side by side however, the 1.70 G/SI1 on the right is clearly the more beautiful and valuable diamond with a larger face and exquisite brilliance. Clearly, certificate grades alone are not reliable indicators to judge brilliance or value.

Example 2:

The 2 diamonds below have identical GIA grades

Color: I / Clarity: VS1 / Polish: Excellent / Symmetry: Excellent / Cut: Excellent

Why is diamond ‘B’ approximately 25% more valuable than diamond ‘A’?

Comparison of 2 similar GIA certificates

1. Better proportion and ‘face size’.

Diamond B = 7.58mm   –   Diamond A = 7.41mm

2. Diamond B on the right is slightly whiter even though both diamonds are graded GIA color ‘I’.

Noticing color variations in diamonds with the same certificate grades is not unusual and this must be taken into account when calculating correct value.

3. The inclusions in diamond A are located in the center of the diamond [circled] whereas in diamond B the inclusions are smaller and located towards the outside edge [circled bottom left]…   better example of a VS1 clarity grade

At Ascot Diamond we carefully scrutinize every diamond for brilliance, proportion and correct value before offering to our customers. Less than 5% of all diamonds produced meet the standards demanded by our company.

We invite you to visit Ascot Diamonds where in a dignified atmosphere clients receive a priceless education and compare diamonds from ‘the most meticulously selected diamond inventory in the world.’

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