Compare GIA certified diamonds:

GIA certified diamonds with similar grades are rarely equal in value.

Example 1:

Difference between EGL and GIA certificates

Based on GIA certificates alone, the 1.71 F/VS2 diamond on the left should be more valuable than the 1.70 G/SI1 on the right.

A side by side comparison however, reveals that the 1.70 G/Si1 on the right has a larger face, is more brilliant and is the more beautiful, valuable diamond.

GIA Diamond grades alone are not a reliable indicator for brilliance, cut or value.

Example 2:   The two diamonds below have identical GIA grades

Color: I        Clarity: VS1

Polish: Excellent        Symmetry: Excellent        Cut: Excellent

Why is diamond 'B' approximately 20% more valuable than diamond 'A'?

Difference between EGL and GIA certificates

1.] Better proportion and ‘face size’.

Diamond B = 7.58mm: Diamond A = 7.41mm.

2.] Diamond B on the right is whiter even though both diamonds are graded GIA color 'I'.

Stronger and weaker examples of the same color grade is a constant in diamonds and must be considered when assessing proper value.

3.] The inclusions in diamond A are located in the center of the diamond (circled).

In diamond B the inclusions are smaller, located towards the outside edge [circled bottom left] and represent a better example of the same VS1 clarity grade.

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