Diamond Clarity Grades

Diamond Clarity grades define the quantity, size, and location of inclusions in a diamond examined under 10x magnification.

White inclusions are more desirable than black carbon inclusions.

Inclusions located in the center of a diamond impact value more significantly than those located towards the outside edge [girdle].

diamond clarity grades

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Described below is the diamond clarity grading scale:

Flawless:  No surface blemish or internal inclusions present at all.

Internally Flawless:  Indicates a microscopic surface blemish.

VVS1 and VVS2:  Very, very slight inclusions: VVS grades indicate inclusions that are barely visible even under 10x magnification – a single microscopic pinpoint.

VS1 and VS2:  Very slight inclusions: Relatively insignificant inclusions – visible only under 10x magnification.

SI1 and SI2: Slightly included: Inclusions more easily detectable under 10x magnification, however not visible to the naked eye.

I1, I2 and I3:  Heavy inclusions easily visible to the naked eye in varying degrees.

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