Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds are rectangular with an elongated pavilion and fewer facets than brilliant shapes. Emerald Shape diamonds are prized for their clarity, layered Art-Deco look and illusion of infinite depth, rather than sparkle.


Considered by many as the most elegant of all diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds tend to be the shape of choice for those seeking larger diamonds [3.00 carats and above].

The Gemological Institute of American (GIA) describes Emerald cut as ‘rectangular step-cuts’.

Emeralds cuts have 45 degree corners and should be beautifully layered on the underside of the diamond [pavilion] creating the illusion of infinite depth.

These step cut diamonds have different length to width ratios. One individual might respond to a rectangular shape while another might prefer more square.

While there is no one perfect length/width ratio, the most desirable Emerald cut stones fall within the range 1.25:1.00 and 1.50:1.00. As the length/width ratios fall outside of this range the diamond becomes somewhat less valuable.

The most beautiful Emerald cut diamonds have multiple steps on the underside of the stone and have clearly been cut to optimize elegance, beauty and face size.

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