Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamonds are elongated with brilliance similar to rounds. The Oval Cut was perfected in the 1960’s and with a classic – traditional feel this shape appeals in particular to buyers wishing to maximize face surface area.


Oval diamonds are described by the GIA as ‘Oval brilliant’ [Oval shape with brilliant facets].

Cut with skill and care Oval diamonds should provide a larger ‘face to weight ratio’ than most other shapes making this cut particularly attractive to many.

With financial incentive to produce heavier diamonds, Ovals are rarely cut beautifully; Most have inappropriate length/width to depth ratios and are either too shallow, too deep, or not true Ovals.

At Ascot, we reject 95% of all Oval diamonds produced in order to identify only the ‘best of the best’ Oval shapes from around the world for our customers.

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Defining a specific depth and table percentage range for any fancy shape diamond [other than round] is not realistic. Specific ‘depth and table percentages’ are a reliable metric only when related to either round or perfectly square diamonds that have a single face dimension.

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