Diamond Certificates

Two diamonds (certified by the same gemological laboratory) with identical carat weight, color and clarity are invariably not equal in value.

Gemological laboratories certify any diamond submitted for grading whether the stone is beautiful or not. Their function is simply to record weight, measurements and provide an opinion on color and clarity.

Color and clarity grades are not an exact science and grades can often change if the same stone is submitted to the same laboratory more than once.

Inclusion location, size and type can dramatically influence value. Stones with black center inclusions are less valuable than diamonds with delicate white inclusions.

Fluorescence decreases the value of a diamond in proportion to the effect on overall brilliance (if any). Strong to Very Strong fluorescence tends to make a diamond appear oily / milky and should be avoided. Faint to medium fluorescence has little impact on value and actually enhances color and value of diamonds graded ā€˜Iā€™ color and lower.

Carat weight is the first priority for most buyers and with this in mind, cutters tend to produce diamonds that are heavier but not necessarily larger where it matters... face size.

Diamonds cut to optimize weight are less valuable.

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