Diamond Certification | GIA, EGL USA

Gemological laboratories certify any diamond submitted for grading irrespective whether the stone is valuable and beautiful or not. The laboratory function is to record weight, measurements and provide an educated opinion on color, clarity, polish and symmetry.

Cut grade opinions are provided only for round diamonds.

Two diamonds (certified by the same gemological laboratory) with identical carat weight, color and clarity are rarely equal in value because color and clarity grades are not an exact science and grades can change if the identical stone is submitted to the same laboratory more than once.

GIA diamond certification

The location, size and color of inclusions in a diamond all influence both the grade and value. Stones with black center inclusions are less desirable than diamonds with delicate white inclusions. Also, inclusions located toward the outside edge of a diamond are far more desirable than those located in the center of the stone.

Fluorescence decreases the value of a diamond in proportion to the effect on overall brilliance (if any). Faint, medium or even strong fluorescence very rarely have a negative impact on the brilliance of a diamond. In fact fluorescence present in diamonds graded lower than H color are actually slightly more valuable than those with none – the  fluorescence triggers a response producing slightly whiter brilliance.      

Carat weight is the first priority for most diamond buyers. With this in mind it is important to pay careful attention to the depth and table % ratios described on all certificates. This information is critical and scientifically measured, unlike color and clarity grades that are educated opinions.

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