Lab Grown Diamonds

Selected with the same impeccable care as our natural diamonds.
Ascot proudly offers the most perfectly cut, brilliant Lab Grown Diamonds at prices competitive with any other source.

Why lab grown diamonds?

By offering Lab Grown Diamonds as an option, Ascot clients can decide whether to invest in a billion-year-old Natural Diamond or a similar Lab Grown Diamond for considerably less money. Either way, our professionals are here to help with your decision.

Trust and Value Since 1978

We love to help our clients create the perfect Lab Grown diamond engagement ring. Let’s set up a time so that we can provide you with the attention you deserve.

6 key facts you should know about Lab Created Diamonds

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds have the same chemical make-up as Natural Diamonds and have identical brilliance and hardness characteristics.
  2. As with Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown diamonds with the same certificates grades are not necessarily equal in brilliance or value. Each stone is unique and needs to be evaluated by an experienced professional.
  3. Our gemologists use the same precise standards when selecting the ‘best of the best’ Lab Grown diamonds as we do for our magnificent collection of Natural Diamonds.
  4. Prices for Lab Created Diamonds have recently fallen dramatically resulting in savings of 50% or more when compared to equivalent size and quality Natural Diamonds. Clearly, Lab Grown diamonds have become an option well worth considering for many buyers.
  5. Looking ahead, the supply of Lab Grown Diamonds is likely to increase steadily causing downward pressure on value. There is evidence to suggest however, that man made diamond prices are approaching stability. The supply of Natural Diamonds on the other hand, continues to decline and as a result their value is likely to increase.
  6. Lab-made diamonds color, clarity and cut grades have the same variances as Natural Diamonds and are graded by Diamond Laboratories using the same instruments and techniques.
Whether you choose a Lab Grown or Natural diamond, you can depend on Ascot for a priceless education, impeccable service and as always… prices competitive with any other source. We look forward to meeting with you soon.