Ascot Lab Grown Diamonds

All Lab Grown Diamonds are ‘Not’ created equal.

Important information you should know before buying a Lab Grown Diamond.

There are 2 methods to grow Lab Grown [LG] diamonds.
HTHP = High Temperature High Pressure and CVD = Chemical Vapor Deposition

While both methods produce lab created diamonds, the clearest, whitest, and most brilliant lab diamonds are grown by combining 2 unique technologies:

1. Single Use Pure Diamond Seeds:

Pure seeds have superior structure at the atomic level and produce whiter, brighter and clearer diamonds.

Pure Seeds are single use – one seed produces one diamond.

In contrast, regular seeds are reused by growers and with each additional growth cycle the diamonds become more grainy, less clear and develop a brown tinge. (see illustrations below)


Pure single growth seeds cost significantly more than regular seeds – and must be grown in a Slow Growth incubator.

2. Slow Growing CVD incubator:

Designed to optimize the brilliance of Single Use seeds, this incubator takes double the amount of time to grow the same size diamond.

The dramatic improvement in clarity, color and brilliance makes the additional seed cost and growing time well worthwhile.

Zero graining, clearer, whiter, more beautiful diamonds.


90% of lab grown diamonds created using the Single Seed – Pure Protocol receive GIA D or E color, VS1 or better clarity.

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