Diamond Cut

Cut and shape are really two different aspects of a diamond.

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There are multiple shape diamonds but just two different cuts:

Brilliant cut and step cut.

There are only 2 ‘Step cut’ diamonds:  Emerald Cut and Asscher Cut.

Brilliant cut diamonds however, come in many different shapes:


Selecting any shape is a personal choice – each one has its own distinct charm.

Diamond cuts: round, cushion, emerald, oval, princess, radiant, pear, asscher, heart, marquise at Ascot Diamonds New York, D.C., Dallas and Atlanta

The brilliance of a diamond is ultimately in the hands of the cutter. The temptation to cut a diamond for heavier weight rather than for the most beautiful shape, proportion and brilliance is the dilemma facing all manufacturers.

When cut correctly, diamonds produce spectacular brilliance that has fascinated mankind for centuries.

Diamonds diagram: table, crown, girdle, pavillion, culet, education with Ascot Diamonds

Diagram of the different types of diamond cuts, shallow, perfect and deep

Q: Why do manufacturers not cut all diamonds perfectly?

A: The marketplace is driven by weight and this reality encourages cutters to produce heavier rather than more perfectly cut diamonds.

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