Diamond Carat

Diamond value is calculated by taking carat weight and multiplying by the correct $ ‘per carat’ value for a particular quality. As carat weight increases, cost ‘per carat’ for that quality also increases, because larger diamonds are more rare.

diamond carat weight


Three identical quality and shape diamonds / 1.00 carat, 1.50 carats and 2.00 carats.

If market price for the 1.00 carat diamond is $6,000 per carat, cost for the stone would be 1.00 x $6,000 = $6,000.

1.50 carat cost ‘per carat’ would increase to $6,700 per carat = $10,050 for the stone and the 2.00 cost ‘per carat’ would be $7,700 = $15,400 for the stone.

To mine a single 2.00 carat rough diamond from mother earth requires sorting through approximately 20 tons of ore. To recover a 3.00 carat rough diamond however, could mean sorting through 200 tons of ore. Incredible but true.

Rough diamonds lose 40 to 60 percent of their original rough weight in cutting, depending upon the shape being cut.   

The price per carat example above illustrates why cutters tend to produce heavier rather than more perfectly cut diamonds. To protect the value of your diamond purchase, be sure to seek out a diamond company with the reputation, knowledge and desire to guide clients correctly.

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