Carat” is the standard measure used for diamond weight. 1.00 carat = .20 gram.

Diamonds are priced ‘per carat’: The heavier the diamond the higher the price ‘per carat’.


Consider two identical quality diamonds one weighing 1.00 carat and the other 2.00 carat.

Assuming price per carat for the 1.00 carat stone is $6000, the same quality diamond weighing 2.00 carat will cost $7700 ‘per carat’ = $15,400 for the stone.

Price per carat is related to rarity and the larger diamonds are more rare.

To recover a single rough diamond = 1.00 carat it is not unusual for a mine to extract more than 20 tons of ore. To recover a 3.00 carat rough diamond may require sorting through over 200 tons of ore. Incredible but true.

A rough diamond will lose 40 to 60 percent of its original weight in the cutting process. This weight loss varies depending upon the shape being produced however it is fair to say that a 2.00 carat ‘rough diamond’ is required to produce a polished gem = approximately 1.00 carat.

The “price per carat” example above illustrates the incentive cutters have to produce heavier rather than more beautiful diamonds. Weight can be “added” to the girdle, crown, and pavilion of a diamond by manipulating the proportion.

Unfortunately this strategy produces diamonds with a small ‘face to weight ratio’.

To protect the value of your purchase be sure to consider carat weight in conjunction with measurements, cut and proportion. Allow a trusted expert to guide you carefully through the selection process.

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