Fancy Color Diamonds | Quality and Value

Less than one percent of the thousands of diamonds graded annually by the GIA receive a ‘natural fancy color’ grade.

Unlike white diamonds that increase in value for their absence of color, colored diamonds increase in value as color intensifies.

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White diamonds are graded on a D to Z color scale with D being whitest and Z denoting a yellow hue. Once color grade goes beyond Z and the yellow hue turns to fancy yellow (sometimes referred to as “canary“) diamonds become more beautiful, rare and valuable.

fancy colored diamond

While different intensities of ‘yellow’ are the most abundant of natural colored diamonds there are an endless range color possibilities including pink, blue, green, purple, red, orangish yellow, brownish pink, orangy pink, grayish blue, bluish gray etc.

The last color in the description describes the dominant color.

The GIA describes color intensity in ascending order as follows:


very light


fancy light


fancy intense

fancy vivid

fancy deep

Variations in color are explained by the presence of natural trace elements at the time the diamond crystallized under furious heat and pressure millions of years ago. Yellow diamonds have nitrogen in their atomic structure, blues have boron, pinks have titanium, etc.

With colored diamonds the priority is to achieve intense, even color distribution and often this results in unusual proportions, facet lengths and crown angles when compared with white diamonds.

Each fancy colored diamond has its own unique charm and should be selected based on whether the stone ‘speaks to you’ rather than the details on any certificate.

Ascot has a special passion for natural ‘fancy colored diamonds’ and we welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and collection with you.