Marquise Diamonds

The Marquise Cut diamond has soft curves through the middle with pointed ends. Marquise shaped diamonds like Oval Shapes have a large face size to weight ratio producing a brilliant diamond that appears larger than other shapes with similar weight.marquise cut diamondThe Marquise shape was named in the 1700’s after Marquise de Pompadour of France. The elongated shape of a Marquise cut creates the illusion of a diamond larger than its actual weight and for many decades this cut was the most sought after of all fancy shapes.

As with all Fancy shape diamonds the Marquise must be cut with exceptional symmetry and proportion in order to produce a diamond with even brilliance to the edges and a minimal ‘bow-tie’ through the heart of the stone

The ideal length to width ratio for a Marquise cut is 2.00:1.00 and stones with proportion more than 10% outside of this ratio are less desirable and valuable.

A Marquise cut must have the appropriate depth to support the outer dimensions; If too shallow the diamond will appear glassy and if too deep, the weight to ‘face size’ ratio will cause the stone to appear small.

While a Marquise cut diamond is not for everyone when cut correctly this shape is beautiful, brilliant and can provide a generous big look.

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