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Important advice when purchasing a diamond.

Never purchase a diamond based upon certificate grades alone. Two diamonds with identical certificate grades are rarely equal in brilliance or value.

Buying a diamond based on certificate grades alone is simply not prudent. Two diamonds with the same grades are virtually never equally valuable or brilliant.

Difference between EGL and GIA certificates

The most important element in any diamond is brilliance and optimal brilliance is achieved by placing an intrinsically beautiful crystal in the hands of a master cutter whose mindset is to produce the most beautiful polished diamond from the rough rather than to maximize the polished weight.

A rough diamond from Mother Earth might be white with no inclusions however if the crystal is not manufactured with skill and precision, the final polished diamond will disappoint and lack brilliance.

Very often consumers equate higher color and clarity grades with greater brilliance and this simply is not accurate. A lower color diamond cut properly has the same luster and brilliance as a colorless diamond cut to the same standard.

Lower color diamonds do show more yellow tone, however one or two color grades different can be difficult to detect when examined ‘face up’ and next to each other. In fact, it could well require the skills of an expert under ideal lighting to demonstrate the difference.

Clarity refers to the size and type of inclusions (imperfections) in a diamond and the inclusions are usually white, black or gray. If inclusions are light and not visible to the naked eye they rarely impact brilliance and often work as a buyer’s best friend by lowering the cost of a stone. Conversely, a diamond could have a high clarity grade but under skillful examination reveal a slight cloudiness or grainy appearance making the stone considerably less desirable than the certificate might indicate.

We encourage buyers to research, ask questions and compare different diamonds with the guidance of a true expert before making decisions. Trust is vitally important as is experience, so be sure to select a diamond company with an impeccable track record and commitment to service.

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