Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds, also called teardrops are elongated and elegant with 58 brilliant facets that produce magnificent sparkle. Pear Shape diamonds accentuate finger length and work beautifully as the featured diamond in either vintage or modern diamond engagement rings

pear shaped diamond or teardrop by Ascot Diamonds Atlanta

Possibly the most demanding of all shapes to produce, a truly magnificent Pear shape somehow ‘speaks to you’ the minute you set eyes on it.

Proportion in a Pear shape is top priority; length to width ratio should fall within the range 1.50:1.00 and 1.65:1.00 with shorter or longer proportion resulting in a diamond that is less elegant and valuable.

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Pear shape diamonds at Ascot Diamonds Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York

In addition to face dimensions, a gorgeous Pear shape must have the depth to support these dimensions to ensure consistent, even brilliance all the way to the edges and minimize any ‘bow-tie’ effect in the heart of the stone.

Identifying only the most beautiful Pear shapes demands rejecting more than 95% of those produced. We at Ascot do precisely this as we acquire only the ‘best of the best’ Pear shapes from around the world for our inventory.

We invite you to visit Ascot where in a dignified atmosphere clients receive a priceless education, competitive prices and compare diamonds from ‘the most meticulous diamond inventory in the world.’

teardrop diamond ring in rose gold