Heart Shape Diamonds

Heart Shaped diamonds are a unique and romantic way to communicate love and commitment. Heart Shapes are brilliant cut, have 59 facets and may be cut in a variety of different width to height ratios.

Heart shape diamond - Ascot Diamonds

Correctly cut Heart shape diamonds should not be too wide or too long and should have a clearly defined outline.

The unique characteristics of each rough diamond dictate the shape a cutter is likely to select for each stone. Why produce a Heart shape?

This decision is based on which shape will provide the highest return on investment and occasionally this happens to be a Heart shape.

The most beautiful Heart shapes are clearly defined, possess even brilliance to the edges and are not too wide, too long, or too deep.

95% of all Heart shapes produced do not meet the standards demanded by Ascot where we identify only the ‘best of the best’ diamonds from around the world for our customers.

We invite you to visit Ascot where in a dignified atmosphere clients receive a priceless education, competitive prices and compare diamonds from the most meticulous diamond inventory in the world.

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