How to Sell Your Diamond and Maximize Value

This is unfamiliar territory for most people, so to minimize risk and maximize value we offer clients the following advice:

The internet is full of companies offering quick payment for diamonds or perhaps there is a brick and mortar operator in your neighborhood offering to buy your diamond? While these options might appear convenient they are clearly not the best way to sell and maximize the cash you receive for your diamond.

These operators typically buy diamonds from private individuals at well below market price because their knowledge of the diamond market is ‘limited’ and they protect the value of their purchase by offering rock bottom prices.

A desirable diamond will always be more valuable to a proper diamond company like Ascot Diamonds because they are engaged in buying and selling diamonds on a daily basis and have the skills, confidence and market knowledge to pay a fair price.

What about selling your diamond ring privately? One may think selling to an individual, is the most profitable way to go, however our experience clearly shows that private buyers are also insecure about the ‘true value’ of a diamond and protect their purchase by making “rock bottom” offers. In addition, there are serious security issues to consider in private transactions.

When looking to sell a diamond, use the same intelligent criteria you would use when deciding where to buy a diamond; select a reputable, experienced diamond company with an impeccable reputation like Ascot Diamonds.

Professional diamond dealers like Ascot have years of experience in both buying and selling diamonds and can confidently grade, value and pay realistic market value for your diamond.

Often the value of older diamonds in particular can be enhanced by re-cutting or having a stone certified or both. Once again only a reputable, knowledgeable diamond company would recognize and share this potentially valuable information with clients.

Before selling your diamond ring we invite you to visit Ascot Diamonds where in a professional and confidential atmosphere, clients receive fair value and immediate payment. Conveniently located in Atlanta, Dallas, Washington DC and New York.

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