Gift Ideas for Mothers Day from Ascot Diamonds

Perhaps one of the most timeless and genuine gifts you can give the special mother in your life is a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry. For this Mother’s Day, here’s a list of excellent gift ideas.

Diamond Stud Earrings

An essential part of every woman’s fine jewelry collection, diamond stud earrings are something that the mother in your life will surely enjoy for years to come. Jewelry store pricing on diamond studs depends on several factors such as the total weight of the studs, color, inclusions and overall make or cut of the stones. Be sure to find a jeweler who will give you “full trade in/upgrade value” for them in case you want to upgrade someday so that you or your Mom can grow into the size that fits best.

Diamond Jackets

What if the mother in your life already has diamond stud earrings? Then you’re in luck… consider buying diamond jackets to complement her studs. Diamond jackets give mom the option of amplifying the look of the studs by placing a removable frame of diamonds around the perimeter. Diamond jackets can be crafted in many different styles and are typically quite affordable.

Stacking Diamond Bands & Right Hand Rings

“Stacking” rings are often an elegant and affordable way to build a look on a finger. It simply means placing either matching or non-matching diamond bands next to each other. You can mix and match many different styles of bands, stone colors (both diamond and non-diamond to create your very own unique look. A right hand ring in an elegant addition to every Mom’s jewelry collection. Treat mom to a piece she can wear daily or for special occasions.

Diamond Pendant or Necklace

Diamond pendants and necklaces are a great expression of your love for the mother in your life. Depending on the style and size of the diamonds used, they can also be affordable Mother’s Day gifts.

Gift Certificate

If you are unsure of what to buy the mother in your life, then a gift certificate is a great choice.

Regardless of what you select, fine jewelry as a gift for the mother in your life is always a great choice. Plus, the look on her face when she opens the box will be something you’ll cherish for years to come.

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