Ascot Diamonds Wins CMUS Talk of the Town Award.

custom right hand ring artdeco style by Ascot Diamonds Atlanta

custom right hand ring artdeco style by Ascot Diamonds

Last month, we were honored to find out that both our Atlanta Jewelry Store and Washington, D.C. Jewelry Store showrooms were awarded the CMUS Talk of the Town Award for “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.” While it’s always nice to win five-star awards, what makes this one especially rewarding is that it is based entirely on feedback and reviews from our clients . Our goal is not only that visitors to our stores ultimately receive what they want, but that they understand the nuances involved in selecting a truly beautifully cut diamond as well as in creating a piece of jewelry that will make their loved one happy for years to come. This often requires time. We understand that buying a diamond engagement ring is not only a representation of love and commitment, it is also a significant investment. We take the time to educate each customer every step of the way.

One of the reasons we post testimonials on our website is because we understand that visitors to our website and showrooms need to hear what others have to say. Celebration Media U.S. (CMUS) and Talk of the Town News, the sponsors of this particular award, understand this too. CMUS, an independent professional research and marketing company, monitors positive and negative reviews, blogs and social networks. They seek out what people have to say all over the web. And what they found backs up what we’ve found: only when you take the time to give personalized attention will customers walk away happy because they will get what they want, not what they were talked into, and they will understand more about the purchase they’ve made.

In fact, we take education quite seriously. The information you’ll find on the Ascot Diamonds website is just the tip of the iceberg. Our staff will give you focused guidance, unique and tailored specifically to you. No matter what your budget level, we will diligently work with you to choose your diamonds, design your ring and create a timeless piece of jewelry built to last for generations. We want you to understand the choices you make along the way, and are convinced that only by approaching each and every customer in this way will we achieve that goal. By creating this kind of memorable experience, we believe we can convert every client into a customer for life.

We invite you to take a closer look at those testimonials and see for yourself why we have truly earned this award. We would be proud to be Your Personal Jeweler.

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