Warning…don’t be tempted by synthetic diamonds or Cubic Zirconia…

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True story… we know a guy who wanted to impress his lady with a gigantic diamond. He told her he made much more money than he actually did. He asked about synthetic diamonds and CZs (aka diamond cut glass) and we didn’t pass judgment and explained the difference between the two.

Moissanite, made from silicon carbide, is created in a machine that mimics the environment where diamonds grow. Instead of forming naturally in the Earth over millions of years, they are developed in pressurized containers in a matter of days. A manufactured stone is not nearly as alluring in my opinion and they’re expensive enough that consumers may as well buy a much more valuable, natural diamond.

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This client decided to buy a large CZ and not tell his girl because he didn’t want to spend on Moissanite. We of course let him know it could easily break and tried to convince him to discuss with her upfront, or maybe buy a modest stone and buy larger later… Ascot’s policy is to always give you the price you pay for the stone at any time if you want to upgrade. We showed him simple bands, sapphire rings, options galore, but deception was the route he settled for. We mounted the $8 three carat stone in a beautiful setting and the girl was elated because she didn’t know.

Three months later she went out with a large group of girlfriends and whacked her hand on the bar where they were chatting. The diamond shattered… everyone knew. Her embarrassment was unbearable to say the least. Instead of getting mad at the guy right away her and her girlfriends concocted a way to get back at him… Now every friend and family member he knows on Facebook (and beyond with the rumor mill) is aware of the story. We are pretty sure his dating appeal has fallen completely off the radar at this point.

All we have to say is KARMA. Don’t deceive. If you are considering spending a lifetime with the girl at least buy something that resonates with the sentimentality of love, devotion and LONGEVITY…Kinda like a marriage is supposed to be.

You don’t have to spend a lot.

Come see us and we will give you options galore.

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