Be Unique With Your Proposal!

Your engagement is the first step to the start of your new life, so you want to do it right! Making your engagement special begins with being creative.

Some Unique Ways To Propose

-Make your engagement anniversary easy to remember by popping the question on an unusual holiday that is significant to your partner, like Veterans Day if they have served.

-Write it all down like in first grade with a check box next to yes or no

-Baseball fan? Football fan? Basketball fan? Ask via the jumbotron at the game.

Diamond Engagement Ring Statistics

-80% of groom foot the entire bill for the engagement ring.

-35% of couples spend less than 3 months researching which ring to choose.

-86% of brides say that the number one thing they look for is the design of the ring.

-Color of the diamond comes up high on the list of importance with 54% of brides.

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