Cushion Cut Diamonds: Antique, Brilliant and Modified Brilliant.

We would like to help you by explaining the different types of cushion cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Antique Cushion Cut Diamond

cushion-cut-diamond engagement ring by Ascot Diamonds

Vintage or antique cushion cut diamonds have fewer, longer facets than their modern counterparts and this style of cutting comes from the early-mid 20th century.

Typically antique cushions are less brilliant than modern cut cushions because the cutters of that era did not have the skills or technology to optimize brilliance.

These cushions are typically deeper and have a smaller face size to weight ratio.

Antique cushions do have a certain charm because of their antiquity; however, the brilliance will not compare favorably to a properly cut modern cushion.

In addition, a modern cushion (when cut correctly) will have a larger face to weight ratio.

Cushion Brilliant and Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond

Modern cushion cut diamonds are categorized as either ‘cushion brilliant’ or ‘cushion modified brilliant.’ The GIA differentiates between these two possibilities based on technical faceting criteria and one definition does not guarantee a more brilliant or desirable cushion cut.

Every cushion cut diamond is different. Work with a trusted source and make your selection based on the brilliance, beauty and personality of each diamond. Avoid getting too immersed in the technical information and select a stone that is brilliant and speaks to you.

custom cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring by Ascot DiamondsCertificates are only part of the full story of any diamond. Unfortunately, they can often be misleading when considering cushion cuts and other fancy cuts (shapes other than a round).

95% percent of the cushion cut diamonds our buyers are shown are rejected for multiple reasons, primarily their lack of brilliance or poor cut to maximize weight. That means that less than 5% of the world’s polished diamonds quality for the Ascot inventory. But what about the 95% we reject? It is important to understand that these rejected diamonds do end up being offered for sale elsewhere, typically online or in a retail environment not as focused on quality.

Select from a trusted source that truly cares about the diamonds they own and offer.

The most important advice when purchasing a diamond is… how to value a diamond!

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