Top Holiday Season Proposal Ideas

Ascot Diamonds Top Holiday Season Proposal Ideas.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and there really may be no better time to propose to your special someone. There is something special about celebrating this special moment with family and friends who are gathered together for the holidays. What’s better than adding a little more brilliance to the joy of the holidays with a stunning diamond engagement ring?!

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Top 5 reasons why the holiday season is the perfect time of year to get engaged:

  1. She probably won’t suspect anything if you head out to do some holiday shopping. After all, there are more people on your list than just her, right?!
  2. Chivalry is not dead … more than likely, her family is going to be around at some point so it could present the perfect opportunity to ask her parents’ permission for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage.
  3. The backdrop from all of the holiday decorations will help set the mood for the happiness and excitement that surrounds a holiday proposal.
  4. Having your families’ around when she says “YES!” only makes the season that much more memorable for years to come. Because the holidays are such a prominent time of year, you will never forget the day you got engaged.
  5. Don’t forget about New Years! Presenting her with a diamond engagement ring would be a special way to start off the New Year.

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All right, so maybe you’ve decided to pop the question during the holidays… now, how do you propose with the perfect diamond engagement ring you have selected? Here are our top holiday proposal ideas that you may consider:

  • Every woman loves receiving a large, elegantly wrapped gift box… fill the box with lots of tissue paper and let her dig through the box to find the ring box along with “Will you marry me?” written on the bottom of the box. The look on her face should be priceless!
  • Using holiday lights, you can draw out the question “Will you marry me?” in your yard or on your roof… we know of someone who did this by a lake and it was a beautiful backdrop for a terrific proposal.Will You Marry Me In Lights
  • Place the ring inside of an ornament that you can hang on the tree. After opening all the gifts on Christmas morning, say that you forgot there is one more gift and point to the ornament on the tree… it should go smoothly from there!
  • Purchase a greeting card that allows you to record your own message. When she opens it, be ready with the diamond engagement ring and get on one knee while the message is playing.
  • If you want to have a more public proposal in front of your family & friends, you can always consider a holiday toast that will surely be remembered for many years to come.
  • Dress up as Santa Claus, let your girlfriend sit on your knee and ask her what she wants for Christmas… the odds are good that a diamond ring will supersede anything she asks for!

Regardless of how you choose to propose, a proposal during the holiday season will surely add to the joy of the season. Select your ring and make this season one to remember forever.

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