The scoop on Push Gifts and Pushing Presents

The scoop on Push Gifts and Pushing Presents

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So you’re going to be a Dad! Get ready to surround yourself with baby things, most of which you have no idea what they are … bottles and blankets, cribs and strollers, wipes and diaper Genies.

Just make sure that you remember one thing – no matter how much you think you’ve done during this time, she is the one preparing to do the hard work. And she knows it.

So, how could you possibly recognize such an important accomplishment? The “Push Gift”, a.k.a. the “Pushing Present”.

Given to commemorate the hard work of the birthing process, Push Gifts have gone from “Hallmark holiday” status to tradition over the last decade. In fact, according to a study by, over 50% of expecting mothers desire (and expect!) a Push Gift. To no surprise, diamond jewelry is the most desired gift, often in combination with the child’s birthstone.

So how do you know what to get her and that the jewelry will be something that she treasures for years to come? Ask the experts, like the private jewelers of Ascot Diamonds. At Ascot, we keep a close eye on items for our clients’ Wish Lists … like the earrings she commented on when she picked out her wedding band or the prefect right hand diamond ring to compliment her engagement setting. Leave the work to us … we’ll help you select a unique piece of jewelry that compliments her existing collection and makes you look like you’ve been listening to her desires the whole way along!

You’ll just have to do a little homework, like finding out:

Does she already have a right hand ring, diamond earrings, necklace or bracelet?
What is the style of her engagement set?
Are her tastes traditional or contemporary?
Which colors does she love? Blues, greens, browns, etc.?

We’ll merge these responses together to create suggestions for pieces that will truly capture her personality. For example, a more traditional woman may prefer a three-stone diamond ring (symbolizing the Past, Present & Future) whereas a woman with more progressive tastes may enjoy the splash of color created by including a colored diamond or semi-precious stone.

And don’t forget … she’s earning this gift. First born child? Complicated pregnancy? Long time to get pregnant? These factors should all weigh into the piece you pick for your Pushing Present

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