Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings: Trending back to classic ring styles

Ascot Diamonds custom designed soliatire diamond engagement setting ring Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York.

Just like clothing, hair and shoe styles, engagement ring styles tend to cycle as the years go by. From the heavy-handed yellow gold look of the 1980’s to highly ornate white gold and platinum engagement ring styles of the past decade, styles are continually shifting. In recent months our design team has seen yet another trend … “back to the basics” – classic solitaire diamond engagement rings are being requested more and more frequently by our jewelry store customers.


Eva Longoria Diamond Engagement Ring, Emerald Cut at Ascot Diamond Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York.

Even celebrities like Eva Longoria are “simplifying” their look and going with more classic ring designs and solitaire engagement rings.

So a midst an era of “bigger is better”, highly ornate engagement ring styles, why are we seeing a lot of requests for solitaire diamond engagement rings? One recent Ascot Diamonds client was quoted as saying, “It’s simple… I’m tired of squinting to see what shape center diamond my girlfriends have. Diamond engagement rings have become so ornate that you can’t even distinguish between the setting and the main diamond. If you have a good quality diamond that is well cut, why would you want to overshadow or cover it up? I love the look of a single diamond featured delicately in a 4-prong head (a true solitaire engagement ring) and was pleasantly surprised to learn that you can still have a unique, hand-designed engagement ring setting even with the solitaire look.”

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When it comes right down to it, we still feel that an engagement ring should be a reflection of the individual’s personality – some people are more reserved and some want their ring to make a splash. Working with a jeweler who asks the right questions and gets to know the taste and style of the bride-to-be is an important part of selecting a diamond ring that will be cherished and stand the test of time.


Ascot Diamonds solitaire diamond engagement setting ring with fancy yellow side stone”” width=


So once you have your ring picked out, how are you going to propose?! Looking for a unique, funny way to propose? Well, here is one way that is certainly out of the ordinary! We can pretty much guarantee that whether you’re presenting a solitaire engagement ring or ornate setting, this proposal style will grab her attention!!

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