Pear Shape Diamonds.

Pear shape diamonds look exquisite in diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces or diamond earrings

So you’re looking for a stunning diamond engagement ring but want something a little different and unique… ever considered an elegantly set pear shape diamond? The pear shape diamond has also been referred to as the “teardrop” diamond, but there are rarely tears dropped by women who receive a beautifully cut pear set in a complimentary setting.

custom pear shaped diamond engagement ring by Ascot Diamonds Atlanta

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While not as popular as the round brilliant or cushion cut diamonds, a pear diamond is still a very traditional shape and looks exquisite in engagement rings, necklaces or earrings. A pear shaped diamond is part of the brilliant cut family and considered to carry a more dramatic flair than the common round. As with all diamond shapes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is wise to ensure that the recipient will be as captivated by the shape as the giver.

Pear shape diamonds trace their history back to the 1400’s with more facets and the brilliant cut look” being added in the 1700’s. When cut properly, they are simply magnificent but are quite possibly the most challenging of all the shapes to produce. The proper proportion in a pear shaped diamond should fall within the range 1.50:1.00 and 1.65:1.00 in terms of ratio. Longer or shorter proportions make pear shaped diamonds less desirable, valuable and elegant.

In addition to correct face proportion, pear shape diamonds must have the appropriate depth to support the outer dimensions in order to minimize the ‘bow-tie’ effect. Consistent, even brilliance all the way to the edges of the stone is the signature of a beautifully cut pear shaped diamond. Like all diamonds, finding the most beautiful pear shapes means rejecting more than 95% of those produced. At Ascot we seek out only the most beautifully cut stones for our inventory.

Pear Shape Diamond Necklace with a Diamond Chain

Pear Shape Diamond Necklace with a Diamond Chain

How do you wear a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring?

The most common question asked about pear shape diamond rings is, “Which way should the diamond point face?” While, technically, there is no standard and no right or wrong answer, it’s most commonly worn with the tip of the diamond pointing toward your fingernails. When you raise your hand to look at the diamond, it will look like a falling teardrop. Many wearers feel that the ring pointed toward the fingernails also provides a slimming, elongated look for their fingers.

Famous Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a 69.42 carat pear shape diamond (affectionately called “the Taylor-Burton”). The ring was so big that even Liz couldn’t handle it on her finger so she turned this stunning gem into a necklace in order to continue to show it off. Other celebs with pear shape diamond rings include Katherine Heigl, LeBron James and wife Savannah Brinson, and David and Victoria Beckham.

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