Oval Cut Diamonds – Classic Elegance

An oval shape diamond engagement ring is perfect for a woman who seeks a timeless, classic look combined with a shape that is slightly more uncommon.

oval cut diamond engagement ring solitaire by Ascot Diamonds in Atlanta

Nowadays, the Oval diamonds continue to be a popular choice for women who are searching for that combination of elegance and uniqueness in their fine jewelry collection.

Oval diamonds are described by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as ‘”Oval brilliant’’ meaning oval in their shape in conjunction with many brilliant cut facets. When cut correctly Oval diamonds provide a larger ‘face to weight ratio’ than most other diamond shapes and buyers frequently find this feature attractive.

Although most Oval diamonds have 56 facets, the visible beauty and life that can radiate from the stone depends greatly on the talent of the cutter and goes far beyond the number of facets.


Diamond cutters often produce Oval diamonds that are too shallow, too deep or have inappropriate length to width ratios because they are driven to produce heavier diamonds.  This can result in poor brilliance and/or an exaggerated ‘bow-tie’ effect through the heart of the stone. The ideal length/width ratio for Oval diamonds should fall within the range 1.30:1.00 and 1.50:1.00. Oval diamonds with proportions outside of this range are less valuable.

Defining a specific depth and table percentage range for any fancy shape diamond (other than round) is not feasible because the percentage ranges are dynamic and change based on the length and width of each diamond.  Specific depth and table percentages are reliable only when related to either round or perfectly square diamonds that have just one face dimension.

As with all diamonds, the shape of the stone should best suit the personality of the person wearing it. Consider taking a closer look at oval shape diamonds as you look for your diamond engagement ring and the odds are that you might just fall in love with its size and elegance.

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