Lab Grown Diamonds in Charlotte North Carolina

Cost-effective, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly without the negative environmental impact of traditionally mined diamonds – Just a few reasons why lab grown diamonds have become an appealing option for many.  

radiant cut lab grown diamond ring by ascot diamonds in charlotte north carolina

Lab grown diamonds, often referred to as man-made, manufactured, or lab created diamonds, are REAL diamonds – displaying identical optical, physical, and chemical properties to natural diamond. However, these stones are grown in a matter of weeks within specialized laboratories utilizing leading-edge technology and offer excellent value, often priced at 50% or more in savings compared to natural diamonds of equivalent quality and size.  


Similar to natural diamonds, not all lab grown diamonds are created equal. Identical certificate grades do not necessarily mean equivalent value or brilliance. As such, be sure to work with a knowledgeable company.

If you are looking for the finest diamond jewelry and lab grown diamonds in Charlotte, North Carolina; be sure to visit Ascot Diamonds, where you will enjoy nearly a half century of experience in sourcing diamonds direct from the finest cutters in the world and providing only the best diamond engagement rings when it comes to man-made diamonds.

round cut man lab grown diamond engagement ring by ascot diamonds charlotte nc

Our Ascot Select© lab grown diamonds represent less than the top 15% of all lab diamonds, as most do not meet the criteria to qualify for the Ascot Select© inventory due to undesirable characteristics such as excessive graining, a hint of brown, or an unnatural blue glow. 

Regardless of whether you decide to purchase a natural or lab created diamond engagement ring make an appointment today and enjoy a unique and personalized diamond buying experience with Ascot Diamonds in Charlotte, NC.