Infatuation With Color

Tri color gold and diamond band with black diamond bands at Ascot Diamonds Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York.

Diamonds of every color… Tickle me pink, give me a splash of sunshine, a celebration with champagne or an edge with black…either way I am completely smitten. Let’s be real. Rarity impresses everyone. Most people want what others covet. It makes us feel special to have something nobody we know has and probably never will, considering only .01% of all natural diamonds mined on Earth are colored. Rarity peaks interest and typically people enjoy being interesting.

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Our fashion sense and choice of accessories are windows into our personalities. Just as colored diamonds often occur from varying reflections of light, different colors represent something unique to everyone. While some prefer to reflect the traditional, classic and timeless (of which we certainly have plenty), we’ve seen an increasing number of clients nurturing their innate girliness with pink, showing off their sophistication with champagne and cognac, drama with black, or individuality with green and brilliant yellow diamonds. Most like combining the traditional fine white diamonds with the non-traditional.

It comes as no surprise that many celebrities choose colored diamonds, considering much of Hollywood is about showing off what seems unattainable to the rest of the universe. Of course if your net worth is $200 million and your name is Mariah Carey you certainly CAN attain both a pink diamond and sapphire right hand “pop” and a 17 carat pink diamond engagement ring (said to be worth $2.5 million). Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum and Pamela Anderson prefer the sunny side with 9+carat canary yellows, while Kim Kardashian and Lea Michelle walked the red carpet this year dripping in varying hues of champagne ice.

Diamond NecklaceColored diamonds though more rare don’t have to be only for the copiously rich and mega famous. Of course when they are as substantial as most celebrities prefer the price tag follows suit. But the good news if you’re interested in showing off your personality with a colored diamond is that you are reading this blog. Luckily you found us at Ascot Diamonds. Now I am not trying to shamelessly promote the company I represent…I’m being honest. We literally have connections to most every diamond vendor in the world and are one of the only jewelers out there invited to purchase directly from De beers. We aren’t interested in hammering clients with inflated prices like some or misrepresenting ourselves like others who are most definitely not “your friend in the diamond business.”

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Working in an office like ours for several years often makes us forget that most people don’t get to loupe a 20+ carat internally flawless, intense yellow diamond like I did last week or watch master jewelers carefully craft pieces showcasing diamonds from pumpkin orange to champagne, olive green, canary yellow, black or vivid pink. But being around the stunning and extremely rare is part of our daily lives at Ascot. Even still, every time I see a colored diamond no matter the hue, I am completely mesmerized. Each and every one is different and the individuality behind each one is worthy of infatuation…

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