In the doghouse? We can help get you out…

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There are varying degrees of severity on the “doghouse” scale and of course everyone is different but here are some general guidelines to help determine where you may fall.

Not calling to let your girl know you’re running thirty minutes late for dinner is about a 2 on the doghouse scale…not telling her you are going to be twelve hours late coming home from a guy’s night out and neglecting to answer her calls all night ranks around 7. Commit other offenses such as playing golf all day on your anniversary or forgetting a birthday (8), buying an outfit two sizes too big (4) or complimenting her girlfriend’s attributes too much (5) and you will likely want to make amends.

Gifts are meant to excite the receiver or have thought behind them and while a vacuum cleaner may not rank you too terribly on the list (maybe a 2), you probably aren’t going to get the kind of reaction custom jewelry will get you. Honestly giving a woman anything for cleaning or organizing is like giving them a chore instead of something for them to enjoy… Listen carefully men… jewelry is most always a surefire way to make your lady happy and in the end doesn’t that make you happy?

Okay, so here are our suggestions based on your particular indiscretion. Make sure you understand where you land on the “doghouse” severity scale and act accordingly.

Anything in the 1-3 range… mild indiscretions, not showing appreciation, etc. really only requires putting a little thought into the item. Maybe a personalized pendant, something featuring her birthstone, a sentimental charm… we are skilled at making you look like you put a lot of thought into it.

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Once you skip to the 4-6 range a little more is required to get you off the sofa and back into her arms. A second wedding band is sentimental and something she will likely love or maybe she would like a necklace she can wear every day.

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If you land between 7-9 then you may be close to the point of no return and finding something that really suits her personality is a good idea. Let her know you are REALLY sorry with an ornate right hand ring or diamond studs.

4.48 carat cushion cut sapphire engagement ring with half moon side diamonds, Catherine Ryder design for Ascot Diamonds

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If you hit 10, unfortunately size does matter………. UPGRADE her diamond or buy her a really big one.


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We’ve been doing this for years and have done everything from delivering push presents to the hospital, wedding gifts to a wedding and even make-up gifts to a cruise ship. Put us on speed dial. We are here to help.

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