The Ideal Cut Round Brilliant Diamond.

Describes a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to exact and mathematically proven proportions. Its symmetry, with 58 precisely placed facets, produces the ultimate in luster and beauty.

Round center cut diamond at Ascot Diamonds Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York.

When a stone is cut to ideal cut diamond proportions, light entering from any direction is fully reflected through the top of the diamond and dispersed into a sparkling and brilliant display. The term ‘ideal cut diamond’ has to do solely with the cut of a stone, not the diamond’s color, clarity or weight.

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Ideal Cut Diamond Ring at Ascot Diamonds Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York.Ideal cut is a mathematical formula for cutting diamonds to precise angles and proportions to gain the optimum reflection and refraction of light. When a diamond is ideally cut, light rays from all sides are bent towards the center of the stone and are reflected back through the top in a blaze of light. If a diamond is not ideally cut, light will “leak” out through the side or bottom of the diamond. The ideal proportions of a diamond ensure a spectacular balance of brilliance, life and fire.

Symmetry and polish are two other important aspects of the cutting process. Symmetry, which involves evaluating details of facet shape and placement, can have a significant impact on both appearance and the cut grade. Even with excellent proportions and symmetry, a poorly polished diamond can look dull and lifeless.

2.00 carat round brilliant diamond engagement ring in Catherine Ryder custom channel set baguette setting for Ascot Diamonds Atlanta, Dallas, D.C. & New York.

Much has been written about optimal depth and table proportions for round brilliant diamonds. The bottom line when it comes to selecting a truly beautifully cut round brilliant diamond is that the brilliance is based on complex relationships among all proportion factors.

You simply must place yourself in the hands of a true diamond expert in order to select a properly cut ideal cut diamond. We invite you to visit Ascot, where in a dignified atmosphere you will receive an education and be able to compare diamonds from the most meticulous diamond inventory in the world.

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