How to Clean My Diamond Engagement Ring

How to clean my diamond engagement ring?

There are few things more beautiful than watching your engagement ring sparkling in the light, and it is one of the most treasured accessories you will ever own. Understanding how to protect and care for your diamond ring will ensure you enjoy the incomparable sparkle… every single day.

Let’s start with the basics…

How often should I clean my ring?

Diamonds attract oils and grease! Here’s a fun fact: Diamond mines use a greased conveyor belt to separate the rough diamonds from all other elements after they are mined.

With that in mind, think of your diamond like a mirror. If you were to get fingerprints or daily cosmetics such as hairspray and makeup onto a mirror, it would not reflect very well at all. The same goes for your diamond… Everything your ring comes into contact with throughout the day, reduces the brilliance and sparkle generated by your diamond.

To keep your diamond sparkling at its best, we suggest placing using a quality ‘sonic cleaner’ daily or at a minimum weekly. Cleaning takes just a few minutes for the diamond to look perfect and eliminates the possibility of dirt particles + oils sticking to the diamond [like plaque does to teeth].

Will cleaning damage my ring or diamond if cleaned too often?

You cannot clean your diamond ring too often. Whether you clean by using a soapy solution and soft tooth brush or simply drop in a sonic cleaner, you will do your diamond or ring any harm.

What type of products should I use at home?

Our best suggestion for an at home cleaning is to use 1 cup hot water and a little bit of dishwashing soap or a professional jewelry cleaning solution. Soak your ring for 20-40 minutes and finish by scrubbing with an ultra soft toothbrush. You can even leave your ring in the cleaner overnight if it is quite dirty. Finish by leaving it out to air dry or use a soft cloth to dry.

Things NOT to do:

Do not use any products with chlorine, bleach or acetone!

Stay away from abrasive cleaners such as toothpaste and baking soda. These are commonly listed as items to use to clean your jewelry, but they can easily scratch metal. Both gold and platinum are susceptible to fine scratches.

Do not use any type of moisturizing body washes or soaps to clean your ring. This will leave a film on the ring, which is the exact opposite of the thing that you are trying to accomplish.

Do not take your rings off in a public place to wash your hands. You should keep your rings on your person at all times, and if you must take your rings off for any reason try to slip them on a chain

What is the best method to clean my ring?

The very best method to clean your jewelry is to leave it to us to take care of your ring!

At Ascot Diamonds we offer free cleanings and jewelry inspections. Schedule an appointment in one of our 4 locations today.

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Sometimes no matter how hard you try at home you simply can’t get your rings as clean as they were when you first got them. We have an amazing team of jewelers in our workshop that use industrial strength ultrasonic cleaning and steaming devices that clean every fine detail of your ring, leaving you with a ‘wow’ every time you leave our office!

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