Have you ever found a diamond that turned out to be real?

One of my favorite stories while working as a private jeweler with Ascot Diamons was with a wonderful couple, Melanie and Daniel. Our first meeting was all three of us because he wanted to be sure he selected a ring Melanie would love for years to come. When they walked in to tour the office they both loved being able to watch our master jewelers at work in the shop, were in awe of the pieces in our showroom and were just generally giddy and excited to be looking at rings. I love working with clients with the kind of energy they had! Once we sat down and I got a feel for Melanie’s taste (which was very similar to my own) I started to pull some of my favorite settings. She wanted something she would never grow sick of but something different than she was used to seeing. She appreciated our craftsmanship and artistic details and fell in love with the ring below.

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Diamond Engagement Ring by Ascot Diamonds

Daniel wanted to be able to buy her a high quality diamond that was at least a carat and get her the setting she loved but wasn’t sure he could do everything at once. I suggested he purchase the setting and a lower quality diamond and upgrade down the road but he really didn’t want to compromise.

He set his second appointment alone to go over options and had a diamond ring with him he was sure contained a Cubic Zirconia. After glancing at the diamond I was almost positive it was real but didn’t want to get his hopes up until I looked through a diamond loupe. Sure enough it was not only real, but an exceptional quality, VS clarity diamond with an excellent cut and outstanding brilliance. I couldn’t wait to tell him because I knew he was disappointed thinking about sacrificing on the engagement ring for Melanie. When I delivered the news he looked at me and just kept repeating “no way, NO WAY!”, “another jeweler told me it was fake!”, “stuff like this never happens to me!” His excitement was infectious! And even though he probably would never admit it his eyes welled up and honestly mine did too. I knew how important it was to him that he give her everything she wanted and now he could.

He proceeded to tell me he had been saving the diamond for 5 years. Daniel worked as a waiter at a local restaurant and had plans with friends after work one night so he was rushing his closing duties. His boss told him he couldn’t leave until he swept the patio, a task he hated. Frustrated, he began sweeping and noticed something sparkling behind one of the tables. He picked up the ring with little excitement, assuming it was fake. His boss told him if nobody came to claim it within a month it was his. Obviously nobody ever came! Now he knows that the annoying task he tried to get out of led to the perfect ring for his love.

Melanie and Daniel are getting married this weekend…Congrats and may you have a lifetime filled with luck and love!

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