How to Establish Her Correct Ring Size?

Over 80% of women have an engagement ring finger size ranging between 5 and 6. Researching your loved one’s finger size, has the potential to upset the ‘once in a lifetime element of surprise’… so we offer a simple solution:

Share an image of your soon to be fiancé with an Ascot professional and describe any observations you may have about her hands. In virtually every case we successfully create a diamond engagement ring that either fits perfectly or is within just ¼ size of being correct, which means the ring will fit on her finger when you present it.

It might be slightly tight or loose, but not sufficient to spoil this wonderful moment in your lives and in any event, Ascot makes sizing adjustment for our clients within just 24 hours of visiting one of our locations in Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas or New York… part of the comprehensive Ascot lifetime guarantee.

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