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Buying Diamond Stud Earrings.

The first piece of diamond jewelry bought for a loved one, after the engagement ring, are usually diamond stud earrings. Studs are an ideal gift to celebrate one of life’s special milestones like birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a child.

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When buying diamond stud earrings some criteria to consider are: diamond shape, prong settings, cut quality, diamond quality, personal style, bezel settings and screw backings..

The criteria used to buy diamond stud earrings is similar to those used when shopping for an engagement ring however it is quite common for buyers to choose slightly lower color and clarity in order to make the dollars go a little further and acquire larger carat stones.

As with all diamonds, cut quality is paramount and the priority should be brilliance and proper face size (i.e. a 1.00 carat round diamond should spread no less than 6.30mm).

Diamonds that face up brilliant, white and without visible inclusions are most desirable for studs.

Generally customers don’t spend as much money on stud earrings as they do on their engagement rings. Certification on diamonds in studs is usually not when purchasing from an experienced and trusted diamond dealer.

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Carefully selected bright, eye-clean diamonds that do not show yellow to the naked eye, from a trusted dealer should work very nicely.

Diamond studs, while being an important part of any diamond wardrobe usually do not invite the same scrutiny that an engagement ring purchase would.

Diamond stud earrings are probably the most versatile piece of diamond jewelry one could own. Studs look equally great with formal dress or a t-shirt and jeans.

They can also be enhanced with the addition of diamond halo “jackets” , easily added or removed. It’s like having two different pair of earrings for modest additional cost.

For versatility and outright fun, it’s hard to beat a pair of diamond studs.

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