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Let’s face it, what woman doesn’t want a beautiful diamond ring? Maybe you’ve always wanted a custom diamond ring design suited for a celebrity’s red carpet walk or something simple and elegant, more fit for royalty.

Regardless of your style, there is one thing that is often overlooked – what really goes into making an elegant diamond ring design? What is the process of manufacturing a quality piece of fine jewelry?

There are plenty pre-fabricated jewelry designs available, but in order to end up with a truly elegant, quality piece of custom jewelry, the process is more complicated. It starts with an idea… either from the customer, an experienced jewelry designer or a joint effort. The idea is then converted to a sketch, which can give the designer a starting point to assess proportion, angles and general aesthetic.

custom ring design drawings

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The next step in diamond engagement ring design involves transforming the sketch into something tangible… the wax artist will take a block of wax and hand carve it into a three dimensional form (called model-making). This is a time consuming process which takes tremendous skill by en experienced jeweler and can take several days in some cases.

custom ring wax for custom ring

The model is then manipulated with a heated wax pen, tiny files, burrs and saws until the design team is satisfied with the result. The wax must then make the transformation into its metal form through a process called ‘lost wax casting.’ The wax is enveloped in a plaster of Paris with a hole left in the investment to facilitate the burning out of the wax. Once the wax has melted away, a negative of the model is all that remains. The metal (typically platinum or gold) is then selected, heated, melted and poured into this cavity.

Once cooled, the plaster of Paris is broken off and the metal form of the custom ring design remains, which the master craftsmen begin sanding, polishing and pre-finishing. The final stage involves the setting of the smaller diamonds and center stones in the piece (sometimes hundreds of diamonds), followed by the final polishing of the ring.

When the piece is complete, effort is worth it … superior craftsmanship, the finest raw materials and exquisite designs that will endure over time are at the heart of every truly elegant custom ring design.

custom oval diamond engagement ring by Ascot Diamonds Atlanta

For over 40 years our company has manufactured exceptional fine jewelry featuring only the most brilliant and desirable diamonds from around the world.

Whether we reproduce a classic or create the spectacular, the Catherine Ryder brand celebrates the highest quality standards by seeking perfection in each custom ring design.

Ascot Diamonds is a world leader in creating spectacular custom ‘one of a kind’ pieces. We are proud to have made many extraordinary pieces for high profile individuals from around the world. For over four decades, our company has developed the skills, designers and master jewelers to produce exceptional one-of-a-kind fine jewelry that projects ‘quality without compromise.’

From diamond engagement rings to wedding bands and custom jewelry, we work carefully with each client and within their specific budget range to create a piece of handcrafted jewelry designed to be enjoyed for generations.

Visit us at one of Showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Washington D.C. and New York to receive a priceless education and guide you during the engagement ring design process.

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