Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.

After Round brilliants, Cushion cut diamonds are the most admired and sought after shape in the world today. Cushion cut diamonds are described by diamond laboratories in three possible ways; Antique Cushion, Cushion Brilliant and Modified Cushion Brilliant.

Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

custom cushion cut diamond engagement ring by Ascot Diamonds cushion halo diamond engagement ring by Ascot Diamonds

Antique cushions were produced in the early 20th century during the Art-Deco era and proved to be the diamond of choice for the ‘well to do’. Sometimes called old mine cuts, the shape may vary from square to rectangular and features rounded sides and corners.

Early antique cushions get their special character from their unique proportion and faceting characteristics: High crown, small table, deep pavilion and fewer, larger facets. Although technically antique cushions may not be as brilliant or as large [relative to weight] as modern cushions, they do have a definite charm and appeal to certain buyers.

Cushion Brilliant and Modified Cushion Brilliant Diamonds

Cushion Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring - Ascot Diamonds custom Cushion Cut Diamond Ring by Ascot Diamonds
Modern cushion cut diamonds are described as either ‘cushion brilliant’ or ‘cushion modified brilliant’.

Cushion brilliants can be square or rectangular in shape and are made to maximize white light dispersion through larger kite-shaped facets between the girdle and the culet. The sparkle is not quite equivalent to a perfectly cut round brilliant diamond, however cut correctly these Cushion cut diamonds do compare very favorably.

When extra facets are included on the crown and pavilion, the cut then becomes a ‘Cushion Modified Brilliant’ and when cut correctly, a ‘modified brilliant’ cushion cuts can be difficult to distinguish from a beautiful ‘Cushion Brilliant’.

The ‘cushion brilliants’ and ‘cushion modified brilliants’ that face up like ‘crushed ice’ are less valuable and desirable than those showing distinct faceting as one would expect in a well cut round diamond.

It is notable that when cutting a ‘modified cushion brilliant’ from the rough stone, cutters tend to lose less weight making a ‘cushion modified’ slightly less costly than ‘cushion brilliant’ cut diamonds.

One thing that has remained true of the cushion cut over the decades is that it possesses an undeniable charm. Today, the cushion cut diamond is the second most popular center stone for diamond engagement rings after round brilliant.

Make an appointment with your nearest Ascot Diamond showroom to receive a priceless education on cushion cut diamonds and compare actual diamonds to better understand the differences.

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Ascot video clip features piece #JA4944 that highlights a 4.01ct cushion cut diamond center stone with H color and VS2 clarity. Ascot Diamonds is a preferred source for cushion cut diamonds in Atlanta.

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